The first outbound training program for the young leaders of the Faculty of Computing and Technology at University of Kelaniya was held successfully at the Police Training College – Kalutara on September 16th and 17th. The two-day interactive program was organized by the faculty to improve the group dynamics and personality development of the undergraduates of the first batch (2015/2016) of the faculty. The students from the Engineering Technology degree program and the Information Communication Technology degree program participated in this program.

The event was geared towards enhancing the skills in competent leadership, building energetic and high-performing teams, trust-building, personality and self-confidence building, effectively working in diverse environments, facing and succeeding the challenges, creating an open-mind, effective and efficient decision making, and various other important skills that are necessary in improving the quality of student’s academic and personal lives.

The faculty of computing and technology is adopting the Learning-Centred Education paradigm in its degree programs which focuses on skills and practices that improves lifelong learning and independent problem-solving ability of the students. Through the OBT program, the faulty has taken another step towards changing the attitudes and mindset of students from the traditional class room environment, and providing a valuable learning experience for accomplishing the life challenges and making a positive impact on their work performance.

The program was conducted by the Assistant Director for Operational and In-service Training, ASP, Mr. Y. L. Leelawansa and OIC for Operational and In-service Training, CI, Mr. R . S. K. Karunanayaka with the assistance of the officers and training staff of the Police Training College. The program was structured as a series of fun-filled, yet challenging activities including, rappelling, aerial roping, boating, hiking, and many mind-challenging activities. The activities were mainly focused towards building a great perception of the importance of planning, execution, managing, delegation, and most importantly on the team effort. Most of the activities assisted the students to overcome their fears, build self-confidence, and face the challenges with courage and fortitude. The event was successfully completed with the full support and enthusiasm from all the undergraduates and staff.