Bachelor of Science Honours in Computer Science Degree

The Bachelor of Science Honours in Computer Science degree programme offered by the Faculty of Computing and Technology is a four-year programme aligned with the recommendations of the Standing Committee on Computing of the University Grants Commission (UGC), and the guidelines stipulated by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). The student intake for this degree programme is 50 at present.

This programme provides students with solid knowledge on theoretical concepts in the domain of Computer Science. This degree programme also provide the necessary skills and knowledge required to design and implement complex software and hardware systems through supporting hands-on laboratory sessions.

The Bachelor of Science Honours in Computer Science degree programme offered by the Faculty of Computing and Technology (FCT) has a strong focus on practical applications of Computer Science with the view of preparing highly marketable graduates for a wide variety of industrial applications expected by the ever growing high-end IT industry in Sri Lanka.

Incorporation of specialized application areas such as Information Security, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Analytics, Database Management, Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Network Management, Wireless and Mobile Communications, Web and Internet Programming, Mobile Application Development, Data Structures and Algorithms, Automata, and Virtual Reality to the curriculum provides ample flexibility for students to specialize in their own areas of interest.

Depending on the student’s interest, a student will be able to follow a standard four year Computer Science degree programme or a special degree from third year on specialization areas such as Cyber Security, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Computing.

Students will get an opportunity to work in the industry for six months through the compulsory internship programme to be completed in the 4th year as partial requirement to obtain the degree. The medium of instructions and examinations is English.

BSc Honours in Computer Science Course Modules

Year 1 Semester 1

Course Code Title Credits Status
BSCS 11014 Mathematics for Computer Science I 4 Compulsory
BSCS 11023 Foundations in Computer Science 3 Compulsory
BSCS 11033 Software Engineering 3 Compulsory
BSCS 11042 Social and Professional Issues in Computing 2 Compulsory
BSCS 11053 Fundamentals of Statistics 3 Compulsory
MGMT 11012 Principles of Management 2 Optional

Year 1 Semester 2

Course Code Title Credits Status
BSCS 12013 Mathematics for Computer Science II 3 Compulsory
BSCS 12023 Computer Architecture & Design 3 Compulsory
BSCS 12033 Introduction to Programming and Program Design 3 Compulsory
BSCS 12042 Operating Systems 2 Compulsory
BSCS 12052 Probability Distribution and Applications I 2 Compulsory
BSCS 12062 Linear Programming I 2 Compulsory
MGMT 11022 Communication Skills and Personality Development 2 Optional

Year 2 Semester 1

Course Code Title Credits Status
BSCS 21013 Data Communication and Networks 3 Compulsory
BSCS 21023 Data Structures and Algorithms 3 Compulsory
BSCS 21033 Database Management Systems 3 Compulsory
BSCS 21043 Visual Programming 3 Compulsory
BSCS 21053 Probability Distributions and Applications II 3 Compulsory
BSCS 21062 Statistics for Decision Making 2 Optional
MGMT 21012 Human Resource Management 2 Optional

Year 2 Semester 2

Course Code Title Credits Status
BSCS 22013 Object-Oriented Programming 3 Compulsory
BSCS 22023 Web and Internet Technologies 3 Compulsory
BSCS 22033 Operating Systems 3 Compulsory
BSCS 22042 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 2 Compulsory
BSCS 22052 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design 2 Compulsory
BSCS 22062 Group Project 2 Compulsory
MGMT 22022 Marketing Management 2 Optional

Year 3 Semester 1

Course Code Title Credits Status
BSCS 31014 Mathematics for Computer Science III 4 Compulsory
BSCS 31023 Information Security 3 Optional
BSCS 31033 Computer Graphics 3 Compulsory
BSCS 31042 Software Project Management 2 Compulsory
BSCS 31052 Theory of Programming Languages 2 Compulsory
BSCS 31062 Human Computer Interaction 2 Optional
BSCS 31073 Multimedia Systems Development 3 Compulsory

Year 3 Semester 2

Course Code Title Credits Status
BSCS 32012 Deductive Reasoning and Logic Programming 2 Compulsory
BSCS 32022 Data Mining and Warehousing 2 Optional
BSCS 32033 Introduction to Game Development 3 Optional
BSCS 32043 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms 3 Optional
BSCS 32052 Mobile Application Development 2 Optional
BSCS 32062 Enterprise Application Development 2 Optional
BSCS 32072 Systems and Network Administration 2 Optional
BSCS 32084 Stochastic Processes 4 Optional

Year 4

Course Code Title Credits Status
BSCS 44014 Advanced Database Systems with Applications 4 Compulsory
BSCS 44024 Machine Learning and Artificial Neural Networks 4 Compulsory
BSCS 44034 Theory of Compilers 4 Optional
BSCS 44042 Research Methodology 2 Compulsory
BSCS 44052 Fuzzy Logic 2 Optional
BSCS 44063 Semantic Web and Ontological Modeling 3 Optional
BSCS 44074 Theory of Computation 4 Compulsory
BSCS 44082 Formal Methods and Software Verification 2 Optional
BSCS 44093 Natural Language Processing 3 Optional
BSCS 44103 Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision 3 Optional
BSCS 44112 Parallel Computing 2 Optional
BSCS 44122 High Performance Computing 2 Optional
BSCS 44133 Wireless Communications and Networks 3 Compulsory
BSCS 44142 Mobile Computing 2 Optional
BSCS 44152 Advanced Computer Communication 2 Optional
BSCS 44162 Embedded Systems 2 Optional
BSCS 44174 Distributed Systems & Cloud Computing 4 Optional
BSCS 44183 Complex Systems & Agent Technology 3 Optional
BSCS 44193 Computer Modelling and Simulations 3 Optional
BSCS 44203 Introduction to Virtual Reality 3 Optional
BSCS 44212 e-Business Technology 2 Optional
BSCS 44223 Digital Forensic 3 Optional
BSCS 44232 Emerging Technologies in Computer Science 2 Optional
BSCS 44248 Research Project 8 Compulsory
BSCS 44256 Industrial Training 6 Optional