Evaluation Procedure in Faculty of Computing and Technology

Evaluation Procedure

The method of evaluation for each course unit may vary. In general the performance of students for each course unit will be evaluated through assignments, group projects/activities, reports, presentations, mid-term test, practical examination and end of course examination. At the commencement of the course unit, the method of evaluation will be announced by the respective lecturer. The project at level four of the degree programme will be evaluated by dissertation and oral presentation.

Range of Marks Grade Grade Point Value
85 -100   A+ 4.0
70 - 84   A 4.0
65 -69   A- 3.7
60 - 64   B+ 3.3
55 - 59   B 3.0
50 - 54   B- 2.7
45 - 49   C+ 2.3
40 - 44   C 2.0
35 - 39   C- 1.7
30 - 34   D+ 1.3
25 - 29   D 1.0
00 - 24   E 0.0
Grading System

Marks obtained in respect of a course unit will be graded according to the grading system shown in the table. A grade point value (GPV) is assigned to each grade as indicated.

If the attendance of a student at a laboratory or a laboratory component of a theory course unit (i.e. theory cum laboratory) is less than 80%, the student will not be allowed to sit for the practical examination of the relevant course unit and will be considered as a referred candidate for the relevant course unit at subsequent sittings.

Students should complete all course units that they are registered for. If a student fails to complete a particular course unit by being absent, it will be indicated in the transcript as “absent” and a zero (0.0) grade point value will be assigned to it. In the case of a theory cum laboratory course unit, if the student fails to complete one component (i.e., theory or practical) and completes the other component it will be indicated in the transcript as “incomplete” and a (0.0) grade point value will be assigned.

A student who obtains a grade below C in a particular course unit may re-sit the examination of that course unit in the following academic year, to improve the grade. The best grade obtainable in any of this instance is C. In the event a student obtains a lower grade while attempting to better the grade, he/she will be entitled to the previous grade.

Grade Point Average

Grade Point Average (GPA) is the credit-weighted arithmetic mean of the Grade Point Values, which is determined by dividing the total credit-weighted Grade Point Value by the total number of credits. GPA shall be computed to the second decimal place.

Example: A student who has completed one course unit with two credits, three course units each of three credits and two course units each of 1 credit with grades A, C, B, D, C+ and A+ respectively would have the GPA of 2.48 as calculated below.

Grade point values and credit values of all registered course units in a study programme of a student shall be taken into account in calculating the final GPA, unless stated otherwise.