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Notices for Students

Call for application - Gold Medal Awarded by the Bank of Ceylon

Criteria of the Gold Medal Awarded by the Bank of Ceylon for the most outstanding student of the Faculty of Computing and Technology


  1. Eligibility Requirements

(a) The recipient should be graduated from the Faculty of Computing and Technology obtaining a First Class Honours pass.

(b) Displayed outstanding performance in extracurricular activities at the International, National, or University level during the period of the academic program.

At least 10 marks should be obtained for extracurricular activities for consideration for the award as per the criteria in Annex 1.

(c) A student shall be considered ineligible for the said award:

  • If the student has obtained an improved grade/grades subsequently, by repeating a module/modules.
  • If any kind of disciplinary action has been taken against the student by the Council, Vice-Chancellor, or Deputy Vice-Chancellor for any form of misconduct.


  1. Application Procedure
  • Any student who believes that he/she is eligible can apply for the award.
  • Application forms can be downloaded by clicking the button below.
  • The application form will serve as a tool for assessment against established evaluation criteria.
  • Students shall submit their applications through the Senior Student Counsellor of the faculty who shall certify the contents of the application.
  • Students shall submit certified copies (certified by the Senior Student Counsellor of the faculty or the Academic Advisor of the respective degree programme) of all documentary evidence with the application.
  • Students shall prepare and participate in an interview if the selection committee requests.

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